Traditional Maldivian Drumming

chants traditionnels - Maldivian bodu beru drumming

Maldivian ‘bodu beru’ drumming and songs

Let yourself go, and dance the evening away to the hypnotising and frantic rhythms of a traditional Maldivian drumming band.

The expert drummers start off slowly, with tuneful songs and simple percussion to enchant your ears and draw you in. But don’t be fooled – the pace will increase in passion, as the singing and drumming start to merge, and the feelings take over as you dance to the hypnotic drum beats.

The songs are about people and work and daily life on the islands – the accompanying local dancers will act out the parts of characters both human and animal. So quiet and reserved during the day, the local Maldivians don’t need alcohol or drugs to really let their hair down and create a party carnival atmosphere. Everyone will have a good time as we mix happiness and euphoria into our exotic island setting to bring you an evening of laughter and dance that will be truly memorable.